SharePoint Developer Webcast series

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Register for the SharePoint Introduction for .NET developers webcast series. In this 10-part series, you will receive practical technical information from Robert Bogue & Andrew Connell, SharePoint MVPs.  The series runs every Tues/Wed from May 20 to June 18, 9 am - 10 am PST.

Use this calendar view to find and register for webcasts, you must register for each one by clicking on the link in the calendar to register.

20-May-08 - Web Parts
21-May-08 - Data Lists,
27-May-08 - Silverlight and SharePoint
28-May-08 - Using Event Handlers 
3-Jun-08 - Page Branding 
4-Jun-08 - Workflows 
10-Jun-08 - Web Services 
11-Jun-08 - Page Navigation 
17-Jun-08 - User Management 
18-Jun-08 - Custom Content Types 

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