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**updated to include links to other presentations at end of this post** 


Great MSDN article by Michele on the appropriate uses of WCF (focusing on the new features available in .NET 3.5).  I just happen to be talking about that same topic today at the MSDN San Diego launch event and have updated my deck to reflect some of the well-written information Michele included.



Bruno's blog - http://www.brunoterkaly.com/

Daniel's blog - http://www.dotnetdoc.com/

Rob's recordings of original launch content (screencasts) - http://www.robbagby.com/robbagby/VS2008Launch/VS2008Demos.htm

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  1. Victor says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Thanks for coming to San Diego!  Out of all the things you talked about, WCF appears the most interesting.  So it looks like software interaction is becoming less platform specific, the data is there for anyone to consume.  (yum!)  Although I know you were saving the best for last, I would suggest talking about that in the middle.  Also, although I heard Linq mentioned many times, I would have like to learn more about it, the who, what, when, where and whys so to speak.

    Great job, thanks for the swag and be sure to come visit our fair city again soon!  If you have time, stop by Kansas City BBQ (just across from the Grand Hyatt) for a few good beers and some Top Gun nostalgia.

  2. Victor says:

    Oh, BTW, could you post the names of the other two speakers or blog URLs?  Thanks!

  3. lynnlangit says:

    updated to add this informatin per your request

  4. montaque says:

    link of the Rob’s recordings of original launch content (screencasts) is wrong, it links to the microsoft owa.

    seems you just copy and paste the link from your email.

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