I’m on YouTube

A recent talk that I gave at a SoCal User Group on Data Mining in SQL Server 2008 is on YouTube.  There are a large number of segments here, so you'll have to be persistent if you want to watch the whole presentation!

YouTube - adnanmasood's Videos

Comments (3)

  1. GlenGordon says:

    That’s nice, but why don’t you try to get the whole thing up on silverlight streaming? 🙂

  2. Larry says:

    Ditto that Glen.  youTube is so blurry I keep thinking everyone must be in an FBI protection program.

  3. lynnlangit says:

    This was definately a guerilla post.  I barely remember that someone was actually taking a video during my presentation.  

    I actually thought it was kind of humorous that he put 31 segments up on YouTube.

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