The Mystery of MDX

As I am 'writing along' I am becoming reacquainted with an old friend - MDX (Multi-dimensional expression query language for SSAS OLAP cubes).  It does take a particular mindset to wrap one's head around querying an n-dimensional structure.  Days past, I actually taught the 3-day MOC course on MDX.  Interesting students flew in from all over the US, because MDX-knowledge was so rare.  I can't claim to be much more than a perpetual intermediate of this language, because lack of use definitely leads to atrophy. 

As I 'profile' along, trying to regain competency.  I'll share one result of performing a simple query to a single dimensional hierarchy.  Well, ok I tossed in some member properties to make it more interesting, but it's really pretty straight forward.

if you can read this, you are too close to your computer :)

It seems there a few new tricks up Katmai's (2008) sleeves, so it's no rest and more Profiler for this gal.  Next up I'll be slicing, dicing and generally manipulating those sample cubes.

Of course, if any of you are feeling smug and smart out there, then I'll throw you an even greater challenge - integrate MDX with Data Mining's DMX query language.  Hey, if Jamie can do it, then so can you, right?  Um..I think I need some brain food.

Jamie's Junk : Unwinding MDX Flattening Semantics with DMX

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