VPL is calling me…

Oh no, I thought I was going to learn F# next, but then I saw this! Oh there simply aren't enough hours in the day!  I am thinking about adding VPL to the Microsoft DigiGirlz summer camp curriculum.VPL 

What the heck is VPL?  From MSDN:

"Microsoft Visual Programming Language (VPL) is an application development environment designed on a graphical data-flow-based programming model rather than control flow typically found in conventional programming. Rather than series of imperative commands sequentially executed, a data-flow program is more like a series of workers on an assembly line, who do their assigned task as the materials arrive. As a result VPL is well suited to programming a variety of concurrent or distributed processing scenarios.

VPL is not limited to novices. The compositional nature of the programming language may appeal to more advanced programmers for rapid prototyping or code development. In addition, while its toolbox is tailored developing robot applications, the underlying architecture is not limited to programming robots and could be applied to other applications as well. As a result, VPL may appeal to a wide audience of users including students, enthusiasts/hobbyists, as well as possibly web developers and professional programmers."

VPL Introduction

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  1. What a refreshing change from the over reliance upon non-visual XML by some of Microsoft’s newest products, like SharePoint.  With VPL, let us hope that Microsoft stops the use of arcane, cannot-be-compiled, cannot-be-cross-checked with other files, developer-hostile XML.  Let’s put the emphasis back on the "Visual" part of Visual Studio and the languages its development environment is supposed to make easier to use.

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