Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint

SharePoint Developer?  Have you seen this yet?  Fun stuff - enjoy.

Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint

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  1. Sorry, but after witnessing a Silverlight presentation given to the Northern Virginia SharePoint User’s Group a couple of weeks ago, I see no compelling business reason to start using Silverlight with SharePoint.  Sure, Silverlight has bright, shiny and full of "sparkle", but not for business purposes.  For example: can I replace my InfoPath SharePoint workflow forms with Sliverlight? No.  Can I make my ASP.Net SharePoint workflow forms do things I cannot already do?  No.  Come back and talk to me when you have a more compelling story to tell me about how I can improve my company’s business using Silverlight and SharePoint together.

  2. lynnlangit says:

    thanks for your honesty Fred – I passed along your comments to the SharePoint team

    i have found, however, that many developers have been demanding inclusion of Silverlight into SharePoint – it may be more of a West Coast thing.

    Being so ‘media-centric’ out here in LALA land, interest in Silverlight is really intense here.

    Believe you me, we are working very hard to get the features that you want and need into Silverlight – watch for releases (and my blog, of course 🙂

  3. Larry says:

    Is that a logical argument?  We can do everything we have now with the tools we have now, so we don’t need new tools?  So, I guess if God had wanted man to have Silverlight, he would have given him an imagination 😛

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