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Hey, we did it right for once.  As I am researching information for my BI book, I am actually using one of our own sites - it's concise, well-organized and, most importantly, searchable.  We even have Virtual Labs, so if you want to to try it out without bothering to download CTP6, you can easily do that.  I am liking this - what about you?  But, then I am biased, as SQL Server has been my favorite Microsoft product for years now. 

I've been thinking a bit about 'Cloud Storage' lately.  What new features of SQL Server 2008 interest you the most?  Have you had a chance to take a look to see what is new yet?

SQL Server 2008 - Otherwise known as Lynn's World 

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Your Data, Any Place, Any Time

Comments (2)

  1. I find it VERY INTERESTING that SharePoint is missing from the list of things hangin from the "cloud diagram".  This is the same SharePoint that was BARELY MENTIONED (mostly in passing) by Bill Gates at the recent Washington, DC, technology meeting.  It makes me wonder if SharePoint has lost its luster in the minds of key Microsoft executives.

  2. lynnlangit says:

    No Fred, I don’t think SharePoint being ‘left out’ really means anything other than a forward-look at future releasing products.  

    Right now SharePoint in enjoying healthy adoption, of course, internally we are always working to improve our products.  We are simply focusing on products that are releasing this year.

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