Who are these people? What is this RV?

 Bruno and Lynn at the CodeTrip RV launch at Mix

Why it's the newest MSDN developer evangelist, Bruno Terkaly and me, in front of the Code Trip RV.  What's the Code Trip? - it's a cross-country (well, across the Western Region anyway) drive with a RV full of Microsoft evangelists, developers, electronic tools and toys and more - check it out Home - The Code Trip

Speaking of Bruno - he's about to start on his 'evangelism tour' at Microsoft.  His first big gig is the launch event coming up next week (March 13) in San Francisco.  You can register here.  In addition to being a 'geek's geek' (like all the rest of the developer evangelists I know), here's a little-known fact about Bruno - he's a great bowler!  Who would know?  Anyway - join me in welcoming Bruno to the Microsoft evangelism team.

Bruno is a great bowler!

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