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Now that the big world-wide launch in LA is over, I've got some fun pictures for you.  First of which is 'my' launch hero (friend, fellow developer, co-writer...) Matthew Roche.  Matthew attended the LA Launch and got the well-deserved VIP treatment.  It was great to see someone I know who has done so much great work with our products (including making many suggestions on how we can improve!) get a little bit back from us.

Matthew is a Hero

Also, if you missed the big launch - you can get the content via the Virtual Launch portal, or by attending a regional launch event.  In SoCal, we've got these events:

Anaheim (Convention Center) on April 8
San Diego (Convention Center) on May 13
Honolulu on April 30th

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Heroes Happen Here :: Register For an Event

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  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks, Lynn!

    I had an AMAZING time at the launch event in LA, and would encourage everyone to attend an event near them if they can.

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