Microsoft DigiGirlz Day – March 24 in Irvine, CA

Microsoft DigiGirlz Day

Do you know any 12-17 year old girls who are interested in learning more about a career in technology?  Microsoft is hosting a day-long event (9am to 5pm) at our Irvine, CA offices on Monday, March 24th called DigiGirlz Day.  The event is a fun and interactive day with activities, demonstrations, labs and talks with women and girls who are already working in the technology industry. 

The event is free, but registration is quite limited, so if you know of an interested girl, encourage her to sign up ASAP.  Girls must provide their own transportation.  If they attend as part of a school group of 10 or more, then their teacher may join them (teachers need not register for the Irvine, CA event, but please send me an email via my blog telling me that you are attending).

DigiGirlz days are being held across the world, here is a link to all-up schedule

Register for Microsoft DigiGirlz Day in Irvine, CA

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  4. Larry says:

    This program seems sexist.  I guess Microsoft feels if it puts a ‘z’ on the end of the name it will sound cutesy enough to compensate for their blatant discrimination against young males.

  5. I am a teacher bringing 10-12 girls.  Can i just send you their names through this blog or do i need to fax a list.

  6. Is this more for girls looking to enter the tech industry or business in general?

  7. lynnlangit says:

    The event is designed to show girls via hand-on activities that technology is fun and a possible great career.  

    To register, you MUST use the link at the bottom of this blog post.  We are hosting DigiGirlz day at the Microsoft offices on March 24 and DigiGirlz camp at the same location on August 18 and 19.  

    The registration link for DAY is at the bottom of this blog post.

    The registration for CAMP is via Microsoft’s national DigiGirlz camp site.

    All events are free.

  8. maggie hawkins says:

    Are there still openings for the 2008 camp in Irvine CA?

  9. lynnlangit says:

    unfortunately summer DigiGirlz camp has already registered completely full

    we are looking to expand capacity, if we do so, I’ll notify those who have contacted me asking to be put on a waitlist

    also, we do intend that DigiGirlz Day (spring) and DigiGirlz camp (summer) will be ANNUAL events in SoCal

    DigiGirlz is a global program, hosted by Microsoft, implemented by local MS teams in partnership with other local technology companies.  If you know of a company that is interested in sponsoring, (so that we can increase the size of the events!), ping me via this blog.


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