Is Facebook over?

Is it just me, or are you bored with Facebook already?   It started off as a curiosity, then evolved into a kind of fun and amusing site, now, for me, at least, it's bordering on the dull.  I notice that when I do send messages or posts, my friends tend to respond quickly.  This indicates to me that we are just all kind of an entropy-filled group, sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen.

Oh well, at least I'm perceived to be reasonably solid on being 'on time' and on 'having a good smile'.  I think I have to work on the 'cool factor' thing though 🙂

What do you think - is Facebook over?  If so, what's next?

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  1. Facebook needs more interesting and useful applications if it expects to be more than a passing phase. A lot of my friends were addicts and then drifted off. We now use the status updates more as a Twitter than anything else. I’d prefer my friends used twitter but that’s harder to sell than fb is.

    The only application I use regularly on fb apart from superpoke, is Scrabulous and there is a good chance Hasbro will shut them down. I can’t honestly say I’ll visit regularly if there is nothing much to do there.

  2. ccatto says:

    Hey Now Lynn,

    I don’t think facebook or other web 2.0 sites have even begun. Sure as a new toy it we may not be using it as often as you do when you first get it, however, there is only going to be more &more people joining & it’s a great place to maintain contacts & find people you haven’t seen in quite some time. Also the facebook apps is a great direction too. Some day like email everyone will be part of a social netowrking site & have a blog just like everyone now has email. (everyone is a relative term of course OLPC). Currently grandma has an email, someday gram will have a facebook page & a blog.



  3. Larry says:

    I think the majority of the people find the Facebook interface too clunky to use.

  4. Facebook and other social networking sites aren’t over in their entirety.  What may be diiminishing is the idea that ones sense of self-worth is defined by the amount of attention we can draw to ourselves via a personal web site, because we want to be "popular".   I wonder if putting all sorts of personal information about ourselves out in public is such a great idea.  Can you say identity theft boys and girls?

  5. lynnlangit says:

    I guess you got the joke, i.e. ‘if this is the best thing about facebook, i.e. "how popular am I"’, then maybe facebook isn’t so great.

    The whole issue of ‘what to put out there’ is something I’ve actually thought quite a bit about – having only become a public person since I’ve joined MS.  

    I am actually quite surprised that no one has mentioned this to me yet…

  6. Larry says:

    I don’t think Facebook was intended to be a WikiMEdia.  I think it was intended to be a social networking tool.  Unfortunately, I think the average person finds it too difficult to use.  Sure, if you’re a software developer or someone who writes books on MSSQL Business Intelligence, like our beautiful host 😉 it’s easy to use.  But the average person, not characterized by a smart grandma with lots of time on her hands, needs a click and go interface that doesn’t require you to setup files, records, age affidavits, pictures, etc. just to chat with someone.  Get them started, after which, you can guide them into putting up the information they want for whoever they want.  In other words, make it easier to use so it will attract more people, and then use a little AI code to determine their skill levels, interest, and possibly help them along their chosen path of social growth, while at the same time trying to be more like Mother than Big Brother.  So, I don’t think Facebook is dead; it has just saturated and stopped growing.

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