Say ‘hi’ to Jason Thomas at Twiistup 3 tomorrow night

Congratulations to Jason Thomas (he's the one in the white shirt in the middle of the photo below)  - he won the coveted TwiistUp3 ticket at today's MSDN developer event in Century City, by providing a very candid answer to my question, "What was the worst part of my presentation today?"

It was difficult to pick just one winner - pictured below are the guys who were trying for that ticket.  I really do value honest feedback and I read every comment on every evaluation form.

I've made some recent adjustments to my presentation style based on your feedback (trying some new things out today) - and, for the most part, the changes seems to have been well received.  Keep those (both good and bad) comments coming! 'See' you at a live or webcast presentation soon.

We all want to go to TwiistUp3!

Twiistup — Twiistup 3 on Jan 16 2008 in Venice California

Comments (3)

  1. congrats jason and see you at twiistup tonight – find me and give me some feedback about twiistup and i’ll give you a ticket to see lynn langit in the future.  uh-oh, this just got strange.

  2. lynnlangit says:

    umm..mike…’a ticket to see (me)?’….hmm…let’s talk, k 😉

    see ya’ tonight!


  3. Larry says:

    I know the question to get that ticket….ok, the question is not as bad as that sentence sounds, lol.

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