Vibro.NET : Year’s end blabbering: Omnidirectional Identities

What does this crazy picture mean?

Vittorio's world

Just read it, yes, the whole thing - you'll like it.  This is one of the most interesting problems out there.  "But, I don't care about that stuff (identity metasystem), I'm a dev" you say - uh, uh, uh - just read it.  I'd be quite interested in your opinions on the content too.

Vibro.NET : Year's end blabbering: Omnidirectional Identities

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  1. Larry says:

    This seems to be public key encryption revisited with steroids. This post is a little more succinct (although less interesting):

    Interesting how he envisions himself kayaking, that’s practically a quote from “Microserfs”, lol.

    Happy New Year, Lynn 🙂  I’m looking forward to your 2008 posts which always contribute to a great year.

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