Coming back to NORMA

As I study all things new in languages and modeling, I return to an improved old friend.  I bought myself Terry Halpin’s second edition of ‘Information Modeling and Relational Databases’ and am happily re-invigorating my knowledge of ORM.  What’s ORM, you may ask?  From the ORM Foundation website: "ORM is an acronym for "Object-Role Modeling"…


MSDN Unleashed: Silverlight 2.0 Hands on Lab

FREE – held at QuickStart in Irvine, CA from 6pm to 9pm on Jan 15.  Proctors are working Silverlight 2.0 Developers and/or technical trainers.  No lecture, no power point – just you and a machine that is set up so that you can get ‘down-and-dirty’ with Silverlight 2.0.  Looking forward to seeing you there. MSDN…


Trying out Code Contracts from Microsoft Research

There are two sections that get added to VS 2008 after you install the add-in from MSR to test Code Contracts.  The first one is simply called ‘Contracts’. The second tab is named ‘Code Contracts’.  The MSR team did a presentation at PDC08 about Code Contracts and the Pex automated-testing tool. In the area of…


Is Math more important than Dancing?

As I work to develop curriculum for next year’s DigiGirlz camps, this talk seems particularly relevant. Ken Robinson questions educational priorities


What’s in your Visual Studio?

As I continue my current language-exploring mode, I’ve noticed that Visual Studio 2008 is becoming a candy store for me.  Is it just me, or do we have an incredible amount of new stuff to play with?  I can’t really remember the last time I watched TV, other than Slumdog Millionaire there hasn’t been a…


Holiday Sprit

So, have you got any email like the one I got from a close friend last week? "Due to the current economic state of our household, we are not able to send gifts.  I hope that you will not send anything as well.  I made deals with all friends not to do gift exchanges this…


Women who think

Apparently there were some that came before me as well.  If you get to Balboa Park in San Diego, this portrait is worth seeing. Timken Museum: John Singleton Copley


Free Silverlight 2.0 training for developers and architects in SoCal – Jan 2009

Free is good, right?  We have two different events running in January.  I’ll be at both of them and will be looking forward to seeing you there. Here’s the first one (I’ll update this post with the registration link as soon as I get it): MSDN Unleashed – Silverlight 2.0 Hands On Labs for DEVELOPERS…


CodeRush Xpress for C#

I’m all for free developer productivity tools.  Check this one out.   CodeRush Xpress for C#