Blackjack 2: Thanks Windows Mobile Team!


Ya' know, I have a fun job - look what the Windows Mobile Team put in my Christmas stocking - a Samsung Blackjack II.  Of course, the team was so thoughtful, they also included a 2 GB microSD card.  The improved keyboard layout of the phone really works for me (integrated numeric keypad and more).  I'm having a great time with Windows Mobile 6, I particularly like the integration with OneNote and the ability to display Office (especially Power Point) files on the phone natively. 

New geek toys are just so much fun.  Next up, in late January I am getting not one, but two new laptops! What's next, hmm...maybe I need a new server in Feb?  Well, then I don't have a tablet yet, hmm...I'd better stay away from Fry's, right? 🙂

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