SoCal MSDN events for Web Developers – slide deck and links

Presentations given in Irvine and Riverside, CA - here's the deck and links for more information about Visual Studio 2008 enhancements for web developers, Astoria data services, and Silverlight and AJAX working together in custom controls.



Some good Entity Framework and Astoria reference links


Core Silverlight area
Game in 1.0- shows Javascript, custom controls, communicating with web service, more
Silverlight 1.1 development example - complete - controls, javascript, web service, downloader class, work-around for cross-domain data calls, more
Calling WCF service from Silverlight
XAML control example source code
Media control example source code
Video Control - using Silverlight and LINQ
Silverlight error codes explained
IIS config for Silverlight hosting
Media Encoding - webinar on 12/4:

Explanation of custom 'Slide Show' dynamic XAML control, interacting with custom javascript

Comments (4)

  1. Ron Barrett says:


       I missed out on this presentation since it was scheduled just after the fires here in San Diego.  It looks like I’m too late for the Irvine briefing and Riverside might be a little bit too far to travel.  Are you planning to talk about the new web development features in Visual Studio .NET 2008 at any point in the future?


    Ron Barrett

  2. FaceBookGuy says:

    I heard what you said about me today 🙁

  3. Martin Leon says:

    I enjoyed your presentation at the MSDN event today, thank you very much, very enlightening for an Eclipse programmer who hasn’t dusted off his VS 2003 in a while.  Also, I won one of the Silverlight books, thank you very much for bring the extra stuff to give away.

    Coming from a non VS / MS perspective I wanted to offer some suggestions for improvements in the IDE.  It may be there already but it wasn’t apparent during the demos.

    1 – Support for other Javascript APIs, e.g. YUI, Dojo, Rico, etc.  Although this may be antithetical to the MS way and there is the Ajax Control Toolkit which provides some of the UI capabilities of the APIs mentioned above.  Have you heard of Aptana? It’s an Eclipse-based IDE for web development – worth looking at to measure up the competition.  It has integration with several of the popular Javascript APIs.  At the very least, someone should evaluate those APIs and try to make sure the Ajax Control Toolkit is on a par with them to the degree that it makes sense within the VS environment.

    2. Code explorer improvement – display the member functions of the code contained in a code element (.asp or .asmx or .cs file) underneath the code element.  This can be used as a much quicker way of navigating to a specific part of the code (a method or property) when you have a larger chunk of code in a single file.  This is how Eclipse displays code in 2 of the various navigation panes, very helpful, very efficient way of navigating the code.  Again, try out the competition.  Eclipse has evolved very quickly into a very powerful and popular IDE.

    Thank you again for your presentation today, I am definitely going to be thinking more about using VS for stuff I am working on.

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