I don’t do snow

Nah, not for me - you see, I got quite enough of it, growing up in Fargo, ND.  For those of you who've never experienced a North Dakota winter - here's a view of the 'front yard' of my house one January when I was about 9 years old.  I would be the one on the right.

Southern California 'weather' suits me just fine.  Tandem biking at the beach in December works for me.  For those of you reading from somewhere other than here - be safe, drive slowly and keep warm out there.


Snow, Ice Storm Rips Across Northern US - Forbes.com

Comments (4)

  1. ccatto says:

    Hey Now Lynn,

    This post made me laugh.

    Thx 4 sharing,


  2. Larry says:

    But don’t you miss building snow stores, analyzing snowball inventory, dimensional modeling snowfall statistics, and carving ice laptops?

  3. Dick Carlson says:

    Yes, I have fond memories of my days in Minnesota.  We once got to the point that the pile of snow next to the driveway was so high that the 15HP snowblower couldn’t throw snow over it — snow would just slide back down.

    It was fun digging tunnels and caves in the hard snow at the edge of the street, and playing Eskimo.  You had to remember to crawl out if you heard a plow coming, or you’d be in there until July.

    How many layers did you have on?  I can remember being unable to bend my arms or legs.

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