How many books are you reading now?

Because I am something of a luddite (don't watch TV, play video games, listen to radio - seldom go to movies), I tend to have 4 or more books in my 'currently' reading pile. I was up to 12, which is a bit excessive, even for me.  I've been 'knocking them off' one-by-one and have found distinct pleasure in finishing my current choices.

Michele's book (below) does a particularly good job explaining the complexities of WCF security.  I really like her explanation of the road toward claim-based authentication.

Learning WCF

The LINQ book (below) is just essential.  Like it or not, LINQ is here and every good developer is going to have to understand it shortly.

Introducing LINQ

As I prepare to begin to write my next book (on BI in SQL Server 2008), I like to to try to expand my thinking.  The Chen book on Information Visualization (below) does the trick quite nicely.  It also validates my idea that appropriate visualization of data mining models is a key focus area.

Information Visualization

Of course, even a geek has to have a bit of fun - for that Doug Hofstadter (below) is always a good choice.  His iterations are fanciful and extravagant, pleasantly diverting.  I do confess though, that my favorite book of his, has, of course, to do with translation - this reflects my linguist background.

Strange Loop

I am still wrestling with a fill-in-my-blanks math and physics primer (below).  I've long been interested in these two topics as a lay person, having not had the benefit of any advanced study in either topic.  I am kicking around the idea of going to grad school (after the SQL 2008 book of course) to pursue an advanced degree in research topics in computer science and feel like I've got to 'catch up' on the basics before I start such a thing.

Math & Physics for Programmers

Anyway, what are you reading lately? 

Comments (5)

  1. Ian Smith says:

    I’m reading "LINQ in Action" by Alessandro Gallo et al from Manning. I don’t think it’s in stores yet but I was so impressed with the same company’s "ASP.NET AJX in Action" I downloaded the ‘early access’ PDF of the LINQ book and printed it off. Also Adam Nathan’s "Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed". Both are excellent books.

  2. ccatto says:

    Hey Now Lynn,

    12 books wow, I just ordered another last week & looking forward for it to arrive. Usually I’m only reading 1 book at a time.

    Thx 4 the info,


  3. Larry says:

    Still reading ISBN 1590598342  🙂

  4. David Cuccia says:

    Currently reading:

    -Learning WCF

    -Programming WCF Services

    -Essential Windows Workflow Foundation

    -Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks, and Tools

    -Practical Software Factories for .NET

    -Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed

    -Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation

    -GPU Gems 3

    Waiting on:

    -Expert F#

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