SharePoint 2007 Developer Resources

I've had a large number of emails from .NET developers who want more information about SharePoint Development.  I decided to create this static page on my blog as a FAQ.  I'll section it so that it's more usable.

Getting Started

My 12-part MSDN webcast series (with Mike Benkovich) on SharePoint for Developers - put 'lynn langit' -OR- 'mike benkovich' in the 'all of these words' keywords search section
(you will also get some of my geekSpeak shows and some of Mike's newer SharePoint webcasts as well)

SharePoint Developers Web Site 

MSDN SharePoint Developer Portal

MSDN WSS Developer Portal

MSDN SharePoint Developer Webcasts

MSDN geekSpeak webcast series (not all cover SharePoint, but many do)

Download Office Server 2007 VHD

Setting up a MOSS Developer Environment (simple)

Visual Studio SharePoint Developer Guide **released May 2008**

How to create a MOSS VHD (detailed!)

Core Objects - including Features

SharePoint Team Blog

architecture slides and link to dev poster

Avoid Common Coding Problems

dev environment: Article on Tools, Tips and Techniques for developers

CodePlex - useful downloads
Community Kit
Form-authentication tools

geekspeak: Features w/Paul Stork

download features from CodePlex by Scot Hiler

download: Features Explorer 1.0

SharePoint for Developers poster

SPS Sites and Templates - FAQ

Fantastic 40 templates

Solutions Packages and deployment

Content Deployment step-by-step tutorial

WSS Application Template Resource Center

WSS Templates grouped by Business Area

Role-based templates for My Sites

Working with Features

Records Management

Web Parts

Web Parts Control Set Overview

Example - creating a web part with deployment

Web parts development

Walkthrough - creating webparts in VS.NET

SPWebPartManager documentation
More about WebPartManager

Mart Muller's info - create and deploy web parts,category,Webparts.aspx

YouTube Sharepoint web part

web part infrastructure pt 1 and pt 2

ScotGu blog - creating web parts

Codeplex - web part deployment packages

Code Access Security and Web Parts

LINQ to SharePoint

geekSpeak: LINQ to SharePoint w/Bart De Smet

download: LINQ to SharePoint on CodePlex


adding Silverlight controls to display rich media (video) to SharePoint


SharePoint Workflow for Developers on MSDN

workshop: How to write workflow by Robert Shelton

SharePoint Workflow introduction

Create a workflow in SharePoint designer

SharePoint Workflows

Create a simple workflow

Differences Designer vs. VS &

Example SPS workflow w/ screenshots

Custom Office SharePoint activities from CodePlex

Infopath with Workflow

InfoPath training on MSDN

Tips from Fred - Fred Morrison's Blog -

Best practices for WF - Jon Flanders' Blog

Robert Shelton's series on Building (Document) Workflows with MOSS 2007 with downloadable source code 

  • Enabling (incoming/outgoing) email for SharePoint/MOSS 2007 servers (Click here to see it)

  • Extracting document details from within a workflow (Click here to see it)

  • Extracting email addresses and sending emails (Click here to see it)

  • Programmatically Creating a User Task (Click here to see it)

Security and Administration (including BDC and Search)

search: Best Practices for configuration

Planning Search

Enterprise Search - Best Practices

Site devoted to explaining search (for developers)

BDC links
1) Sample ADF template

2) BDC Metadata model on MSDN

3) FAQ on BDC

4) Deeper-dive into ADF code 

5) Extending the BDC

Misc and Interesting

SharePoint and PopFly 

OneNote and SharePoint

example: Academy Mobile - podcasting on SharePoint

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  1. Many of you have asked for one ‘all-up’ list of the various SharePoint Developer links and resources

  2. Many of you have asked for one 'all-up' list of the various SharePoint Developer links and resources

  3. Mike Taube says:

    This looks really good, but where’s information about sharepoint web services?

  4. Over the last several years I’ve noticed SharePoint actually getting its act together. The URIs…

  5. | View | Upload your own SharePoint Developer Education Day Deck FAQ link page here

  6. | View | Upload your own SharePoint Developer Education Day Deck FAQ link page here http://blogs.msdn

  7. Paul Andrew says:

    How do I get started working as a Professional Developer on SharePoint? Here’s a brief outline of the

  8. Body: As a consequence of having a fairly high profile in the SharePoint Development community, I get

  9. Mark Quinn says:

    I recently watched one of your webcasts and you mentioned that to display SQL Reports in MOSS I need SP2 for SQL Server 05 and to download  a web part to make available inside sharepoint.  Can you direct me to this web part that I need to download?

  10. SPS Workflow says:

    Very nice list.  Have you considered adding 3rd party workflow tools such as the one SPS Workflow uses.  It’s not our product, but we really like it for its simplicity and flexiblity, while still offering great extensibility to external data (push/pull), other application data, email approval, etc.

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