Yue Minjun – Laughing Art


This month's Vanity Fair had an interesting article on the contemporary art scene in China.  The work of Yue Minjun caught my eye more than the other artists shown.  I've always particularly liked art that made me laugh (and think) at the same time.

laughing artist

I've got to say that from the works shown on Yue's website, 'Big Ear' (shown below) is among my favorites.  'Color Rain' is also wonderful. But there are many examples of stuff that I really like - check it out, giggle, enjoy, laugh!

Big Ear

Comments (2)

  1. Catto says:

    Hey Now Lynn,

    This is funny art. I reminds me of Laughing yoga.



  2. jonathan schoch says:

    Nobody likes to be laughed at,but in  shame societies laughter is a  common technique for social control.People shame each other into submission. In Bali that kind of laughter is called kedek kedek jele.

    Yue Min Jun gets plausable deniability by using his own face.

    there is a second monistic interpretation: that we are all the shooter and the shot.. we are all responsible.

    Maybe YMJ read the zen teaching of Huang Po.

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