Complexity and Simplicity at MSDN events

Althought I enjoy complex music, art and people, when it comes to code, the simpler the better.  Can you join me next week in Irvine (Tues, Dec 4 from 8am to noon) or Riverside (Thursday, Dec 6 from 1pm to 5pm) for my MSDN sessions on reducing complexity in your world?  As usual I plan to…


Download details: Search Server 2008 Express VHD

This is test environment for the newly-released Search Search (a version of SharePoint Server that we’ve licensed for search, plus a few other interesting changes). Check it out Download details: Search Server 2008 Express VHD


How many books are you reading now?

Because I am something of a luddite (don’t watch TV, play video games, listen to radio – seldom go to movies), I tend to have 4 or more books in my ‘currently’ reading pile. I was up to 12, which is a bit excessive, even for me.  I’ve been ‘knocking them off’ one-by-one and have found…


rdoherty’s WebLog : Demystifying Spatial Support in SQL Server 2008

Interested in using the newly-available GEOGRAPHY data type?  This well-written article provides a detail explanation, with code examples of how to do just that.  rdoherty’s WebLog : Demystifying Spatial Support in SQL Server 2008


from me (SoCalDevGal) to you : SharePoint 2007 Developer Links on one page

Many of you have asked for one ‘all-up’ list of the various SharePoint Developer links and resources that I’ve posted on my blog over time.  Here you go – note the first link is to the 12-part webcast series Mike and I recorded (intro to development on SharePoint).  Contagious Curiosity : SharePoint 2007 Developer Resources


SharePoint 2007 Developer Resources

I’ve had a large number of emails from .NET developers who want more information about SharePoint Development.  I decided to create this static page on my blog as a FAQ.  I’ll section it so that it’s more usable. Getting Started My 12-part MSDN webcast series (with Mike Benkovich) on SharePoint for Developers – put ‘lynn langit’…


Yue Minjun – Laughing Art

  This month’s Vanity Fair had an interesting article on the contemporary art scene in China.  The work of Yue Minjun caught my eye more than the other artists shown.  I’ve always particularly liked art that made me laugh (and think) at the same time. I’ve got to say that from the works shown on…