What is memorable?

Kurosawa's Dreams

As micro-attention and media bombardment grows, I find myself thinking more and more about not what catches my eye, rather what stays in my brain.  I watched a film that I had seen 17 years ago last night and was a bit startled at the level of detail I recalled from it. In this particular case, also interesting was that I first actually visited Japan only (earlier) this year, yet have had nearly a life-long curiousity about Japan's people and perspectives.

Why is it that some images, songs, etc...'stick' and others don't?  What connection(s) enable exact remembrances?

Although I certainly don't have the answers, it is interesting to think about the questions, and to dream. 

Comments (3)

  1. Larry says:

    I think your brain absorbs everything, but you remember what’s ‘important’ to you.

  2. Daryl Boman says:

    Maybe you only think that you remember it so vividly. I perfer not to think of memory as data storage but, more analogous to an image processor. Have you read any of the papers by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus? She has spent the majority of her career with experiments in memory and how it can, at the best of times, be questionable. And after all, the movie is titled ‘Dreams’.

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