geekSpeak on Channel9 – SharePoint Features with Paul Stork

Here's a list of links related to Paul's geekSpeak show:

-to 'What is a Feature?'

-to the FBA Authentication walkthrough that I normally use:

-to the SharePoint Discussions list in Yahoo Groups

-to Paul's employer's Mindsharp website -  lots of free whitepapers and other downloads.

and some more links

- to the Fantastic 40 templates + more Also more on Lynn's blog

- to 'How to set up SharePoint Development environments'

-to Support for AJAX (futures) in SharePoint

-to Support for Silverlight on SharePoint- example on CodePlex

-to 'about Enterprise Search on SharePoint'  

-to 13-part MSDN webcast series by Lynn and Mike Benkovich on SharePoint for Developers

-to find all SharePoint-related posts on Lynn's blog

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  1. I’ve had a large number of emails from .NET developers who want more information about SharePoint Development.

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