new geekSpeak shows up on Channel9

I put the recordings for these shows up on Ch9 geekSpeak today:

1) XNA game programming w/Nick Landry

2) Workflow policies w/Mark Dunn

Also, join us live tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 noon PST for this show:

MSDN geekSpeak: Using SharePoint Server as a Development Platform with Paul Stork (Level 200)

Join us on Wednesday, Oct 10th at 12 noon PST to talk with SharePoint expert Paul Stork.

Paul Stork - SharePoint expertPaul has been playing around with computers for almost 40 years now. He started his full-time Professional career on computers in the mid 1980s as a PC/Network Systems Analyst and database (Clipper) programmer. In the early days it was all Novell and IBM LAN Server, but in the mid  90's Paul started working on NT, got his certification as an MCSE and MCT and hasn't looked back since. He's worked for a variety of companies including religious non-profits, a local government,  a national bank, a university, and a several consulting/training firms. With a broad background and a knack  for picking up new technologies Paul has always worked on the "Bleeding Edge" of technology.   Since the mid '90s Paul has specialized in Microsoft products, particularly Microsoft's  application servers, which defy compartmentalization and leverage multiple technologies.  Paul  is a "Jack of all trades" who has developed expertise as an administrator, developer, and DBA. 

Paul currently focuses on; Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint, and .NET Compact Framework Development.  His role with Mindsharp is to manage updates to the development courseware and teach SharePoint.   Paul's broad background makes him ideally suited to teach custom courses that combine modules  from Mindsharp's Administrative, Development, and SharePoint Designer courseware.  His broad  background makes him a much sought after resource when SharePoint questions cross the boundaries  between traditional Administration vs. Development.  Paul maintains an active BLOG at and has contributed chapters to several books on Microsoft  technologies. 

MS CRM Certified Master 

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