MSDN events – more about LINQ, Silverlight and WCF


Did you attend one my events in August to September 2007 and want more information about the topics covered?  Here you go.  I'll be updating this entry as I get questions from developers who attend my fall events.  Happy studying and productive coding!


Webcast - Daniel Moth - language features on Channel9 - basics of how .NET language supports language-integrating query

ScottGu's Blog Series on ASP.NET and LINQ - multipart series on how to implement LINQ in ASP.NET, make sure to read the comments and Scott's answers

ScottGu's T-SQL visualizer - download and use it

101 LINQ Code Samples Here - comprehensive list of every LINQ expression

Performance comparisons - for different types of LINQ, i.e. XLINQ, DLINQ, etc..

Luca webcast - LINQ designer - hear the 'why' from the guy who led the design efforts for LINQ

Detailed explanation - including change tracking behavior, which features of databases are supported, type conversion chart, etc... - great, thorough MSDN article - READ THIS before you start coding in LINQ!


Books - and I do recommend that you pick up at least one book before you start coding in WCF

WCF Step-by-Step MSPress - by John Sharp -beginning

Learning WCF - O'Reilly - by Michele Leroux Bustamante - intermediate

Programming WCF Services - O'Reilly by Juval Lowy - advanced


MLB series -

MLB on .NET Rocks -

WCF 101 screencast -

Nishith series


Core reference

Patterns - Service Factory -

Dev Tools -

Codeplex - Service Factory -

Performance Comparison -

WCF host registration error fix -


PluralSight MS Office / Irvine, CA -- 9/24 and 12/10 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


MindMap for learning paths -

Videos (quick learning)

Mix07 sessions & 'HowDoI' screencasts

Main MS site on MSDN

Silverlight Architecture (includes deployment)

Silverlight embeddable media

Demo videos to use with Silverlight applications

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  1. Daryl Boman says:

    I attended your event in Century City yesterday.

    Thanks for the information and for the fantastic book!

    It was great!

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