Only in America: CliffsNotes for TV

It appears that our attention span has sunk to a new record low.  I had thought we still had around a 15 minute tolerance.  Based on this story, I appear to have overestimated.

And people ask me why moving to a foreign country becomes more and more appealing...

Minisodes: Watch an hour of TV in 6 minutes -

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  1. Larry says:

    Take an hour TV show, remove commercials, credits, and laugh tracks, and you’ll still need 2 minutes of filler to make a 6 minute ‘minisode’.   For the next generation, the only solution to these long, boring minisodes will be text messaging.  So, for their benefit, I’ve condensed all 98 episodes of Gilligan’s Island:

    stuk on isle

    chnc 2 leev

    Gilligan screws ^


    (Hope I didn’t violate any copyright laws)

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