Perfect Code — from Wolfram MathWorld

Does is really look like this?

It is straightforward to show that  is perfect if ...  

Although always interested in math, I've never had the opportunity to have a formal math education.  I have been kicking around the idea of going back to school to pursue an advanced degree in math, because, well..math just really interests me.  I mean, who else do you know who actually reads stuff like this for fun?

There are also other ways of thinking mathematically that have always appealed to me.  For example, I find myself being fascinated by beautiful patterns - whether man-made, or in nature.  And then there's the musical connection too...ah so, little time, so much to see; I guess that's why this blog is called 'Contagious Curiousity', right?

ceiling of Union Station

Comments (3)

  1. lynnlangit says:

    I have read it and I enjoyed it.  

  2. Daryl Boman says:

    Mathematica is a very cool program!

    I’m only scratching the surface of it since I am using it in my continuing math education.

    Strangely, when I was younger, I was never much of a math geek. But, as I get older, I find it a very useful skill to have.

    Besides, isn’t math what us programmer types do for fun? 😉

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