Where is a chocolate brown lace bra considered to be a shirt?

And a hot pink silk slip considered a dress? And a large diamond skeleton head considered a necklace for a 5 year old? Hollywood of course.

In addition to the prerequisite 'who are you talking to anyway?' crazy subway guy and hordes of Midwestern tourists getting signed up to 'SEE the Homes of the STARS!', the (lack of) fashion sensibility in LALA Land never ceases to amaze me. You might be wondering what was I doing there? If you guessed 'shopping' or 'channeling the 80s Madonna', you'd be wrong.

Well...part of my job is to stay on top of what the competition is doing. To that end, I am attending the LA launch event put on by Adobe for their new CS3 suite today and tomorrow.

So, what did I see? Monitors the size of small tables, the newest stars on the walk of fame, beat poets doing executive introductions and hot-looking hip hop DJs running the music between presentations in the keynote. Today's event had a definate urban flavor.

Now, I am not a designer so this stuff is ALL new to me. Fortunately one of the designers that I employed in my pre-Microsoft days was also in attendance. He provided much-needed hype translation assistance to me. It is always interesting, and sometimes amusing, to watch companies that are merged or acquired (i.e. Adobe and Macromedia) learn to work together.

I am also always interested to see the techniques of other people who do presentations. I do believe that I learn something--what to do, what not to do, etc... from EVERY presentation I watch. One of the reasons I enjoy doing presentations is that giving them well is truly an art. Every audience is different and every presentation is different. My developer talks are hopefully just getting better over time. (You'd tell me if they didn't, right?) But, I digress.

Probably the most ironic thing that happened today was that several times I noticed that the film crew assigned to record the event was filming ME -- I guess they didn't take notice of my attendee badge 🙂

my conference badge

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