Cardspace login control for ASP.NET 2.0 – grab this one!

Video on how to use it here, information on how to install it into your VS toolbox here - thanks to Christian Arnold for writing this useful tool!  For those of you reading that attending my MSDN launch events, note that Christian worked on the CardSpace implementation for the Otto VISTA shop, which you can get from the site!

As he describes on his blog...

"The Visual Studio 2005 ToolBox for Windows CardSpace enables an easy way to use Windows CardSpace in your ASP.NET 2.0 Web-Application to register and validate your users. It´s also possible to use the controls to receive a SAML token and get the decrypted values of provided claims. The token decrypting process is build based on the community sample

There are two controls you can use: CardSpaceLogin and CreateCardSpaceUserWizard. Both controls are integrated into the Visual Studio 2005 ToolBox:"

Visual Studio 2005 ToolBox for Windows CardSpace

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