Join the SharePoint party, well…webcast series

With Mike Benkovich and me – starting this Friday, April 13th at 12:30 to 1:30 PST.

Here’s this month’s outline for the series:
1) April 13 – overview of SharePoint (developer platform) – register here
2) April 16 – intro to SharePoint designer – register here
3) April 23 – converting a site to a SharePoint site – register here
4) April 30 – SharePoint and Access – register here

We have some fun planned for next month too – tentative topics are Workflow in SharePoint, Business Data Catalog in SharePoint, Excel Services in SharePoint and Reporting (or BI) in SharePoint.  Let us know what you want us to show – send me mail with topic suggestions.  We LOVE SharePoint and will continue this series for 2-4 months.

Join our party webcast series!

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