Additional resources for CardSpace, AJAX Client Library and AJAX best practices MSAM MSDN events for April-June 2007

First and foremost, make sure to thoroughly review the 2 DVDs you received for attending.  They include working samples of the demos I showed, as well as links to more samples, webcasts and virtual labs.


**watch for more updates here**




**watch for more updates here**


what is JSON?                          
ASP.NET AJAX Documentation  
ASP.NET AJAX Tutorials                     http:/
Unobtrusive Coding                    
HIJAX                                      ,
Micro Caching                          


Threat Modeling Books
• Hacking Web Applications Exposed, Second Edition. Joel Scambray, Mike Shema, and Caleb Sima. McGraw Hill. Provides an excellent overview of Web Application Security – including common attack vectors and mitigation strategies.
• Writing Secure Code, Second Edition. Michael Howard and Davie LeBlanc. Microsoft Press. Security Best Practices including input validation and target hardening.
• AJAX In Action. Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello, with Darren James. Manning Publications. A comprehensive overview of AJAX programming from a best-practices perspective.

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  1. DanielB says:

    This may be of interest too:

    This will hopefully be incorporated into the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.

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