Jet lagged, so I may as well work…

Back from 10 great days in Tokyo (based in Shinjuku), even though the clock says 'sleep now', my body just isn't agreeing with that.  Being a MS employee, I've of course got 100s of emails to go through for "entertainment". 

In Tokyo I took lots and lots of pictures, so, as time allows, I'll shortly be posting them either on this blog, or I'll link to where I store the photos.

I am "official" now on the MSAM team -why? because my bio is on the presenter site 🙂

The spring MSDN event schedule is open for registration - topics are CardSpace and AJAX.  I'll be presenting all SoCal sessions (as well one in Pleasanton - NoCal).  I plan to have expert guest speakers at some of my presentations and some more fun surprises.  MSDN Events are free. While there, you'll learn, network and have fun; however events do have attendance capacities, so Sign up ASAP!

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