Vista Office Launch Resources

Thanks for attending the recent Vista and Office Launch.  Here are a bunch of resources, tips and links from my presentation.  They are listed in order of the presentation.

  • General event resources - includes .NET 3.0, .NETFx3 website, samples for download (Fabrikam, Feature Montage, Patient Monitoring, DinnerNow) + other downloads

  • List of live on Vista applications on Channel 9, and here's my favorite live application == the German e-commerce web site for Otto on Vista

  • Northface kiosk makes great use of one version of the Infragisitics WPF carousel controls

  • WPF - you can get the NYTimes reader for free, download it here

  • Woodgrove Finance - you can get it here

  • Accurent uses a well-designed XBAP application - here's a FAQ on XBAP

  • Use ZoomIt to improve the visibility of your presentations

From AllScripts Patient Monitoring - which can be downloaded

  • Vista Power Management open the solution in VS and look at PowerChecker.cs in AvalonPatientMonitoring.sln

  • WPF - Open Patient Monitoring in (downloadable) Blend Beta 2 look at AppWindow.xaml, watch video on Channel 9 2d on 3d, XPS info, read whitepaper

All of the items below are from the DinnerNow sample, which can be downloaded

  • AJAX - open Web.sln, look at OrderStatus.aspx - UpdatePanel control, more on AJAX, including tutorials

  • LINQ - open Data.sln, look at the files in the Contracts folder and for 'var=...' SQL-like syntax in Queries.cs, more info on LINQ on MSDN - LINQ on MSDN

  • WCF - open Hosts.sln, look at Program.cs and app.config (open with WCF config tool), get WCF samples and tutorials

  • WPF - open Management.sln, look at GetWorkflow.cs, get WPF samples and tutorials

  • WF - open OrderProcessing.sln, look at ProcessRestaurantOrder.xoml, ProcessOrder.xoml, get WF samples and tutorials, build a custom WF Activity, play with the VirtualEarth interactive SDK

  • CardSpace - open Web.sln, look at CardSpaceControls folder - all files, particularly TokenProccessor.cs, for more on Cardspace (deep dive) watch on Channel 9, get Cardspace samples and tutorials

  • Gadget - save to desktop, open with notepad to examine code, how to build a gadget

  • IIS 7.0 handler - open IISHandler.sln, look at  open IIS MMC, look at Handler section, solution uses ImageCopyright Service (for .jpg), try out IIS 7.0 on Virtual Labs, also IIS 7.0 FAQ FAQ

Office Client / Server

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  1. King Wilder says:

    Is there any complete documentation on using C# to manipulate Excel 2007?

    I’m trying to build a small console app in C# that I can point to any of a number of Excel workbooks that I’ll be getting from my client, that will run a function based on the data of the Excel workbook, snd it needs to out put it to a csv file.  

    I have some code written in VBA inside an Excel workbook, but the result from the execution of the program can be in excess of 65000 rows.  That’s why I need it to create a csv file.

    I’ve been able to convert much of the VBA app (written by someone else) into C#, but there are other VBA tricks (shortcuts) that don’t seem to be available in C#.

    Any suggestions on where some good C# resources are?


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