Free Windows 8 help and software tools

Please click on the links and check out these offers, they cost you nothing and might help you make money! Azure 90-day Free Trial: Get started or learn how to build cloud apps! VS Express 2012 RC for Windows 8 & Windows 8 Release Preview Downloads on Dev Center This has SDKs, hands on…


Windows 8 Game Design Syllabus: Any comments appreciated

    Instructor: Term: Office: Class Meeting Days: Phone: Class Meeting Hours: E-Mail: Class Location: Website:   Office Hours:   I.1. Course Information University Course Catalog Description At successful completion of this course the student will design, implement and market a game in the Windows 8 store using tools that can also be utilized with…


Free Online Hackathon! This is a first

Hey sign up for this free Hackathon, win prizes (as described in the link): Free Online Hackathon! Build that Windows 8 application and make big money! But I like this process, no spending long hours on Saturday in a room away from home.  You can drink your own coffee and use your own bathroom.  Nice,…


Setting Up Team Foundation Server (not services) on Windows 8

On one of my other blogs at, at this blog I discussed setting up a TFServer and usually I talk about these at this site.  If you haven’t tried the TFS 11 on Win8, give it a try, really, it is fracking great! So here is that post repeated here: First see the forum…


See Windows 8 at the Microsoft Store!

Alice Pang is demonstrating Windows at the following Microsoft Stores: Wednesday, May 30 Mission Viejo, CA Register Wednesday, June 6 Costa Mesa, CA Register Wednesday, June 20 Century City, CA Register


Windows 8 Day by the beach in Carlsbad California

Have any questions about Windows 8? Need some guidance on how to get started building a Windows 8 metro style app? Want to see more Windows 8 code samples? Looking for help in taking your application to the next level? Bring your laptop over to the beach and join Michael Palermo, Bret Stateham, Daniel Egan…


Skydrive for the Windows 8 Desktop, read the Skydrive Code of Conduct

Skydrive is deeply integrated into the Windows 8 Desktop, Phone and XBox, however, so it is important that you read the Skydrive Code of Conduct, which is an easy read.  One of my worldwide teammates had a person get their Skydrive service cut off, I am not sure why that happened, but it drove me…


Preparing your app for Windows 8 Launch

Looking for Great Windows 8 Apps, you got one? Make it happen Windows 8 is coming soon. You can download, use it, and even develop apps for it today. At this point in time the Windows Store is not open for everyone to deploy, but we are looking for the first wave of great applications…


FREE VIP Windows8 Developer Event – 4/23/2012 – Club Nokia @ LA Live… or you can attend the event online if you can’t make it!

Attend in person If you want to attend this event use this link: FREE VIP Windows8 Developer Event – 4/23/2012 – Club Nokia @ LA Live… And register from Scott’s blog. Attend online using Live Stream Use this link (available also from Scott’s blog) Here you will also be able to follow the lives…


Pretty as a Picture Password, is it secure, really? How do you know? How can anyone know?

There are few things in life that are just freaking awesome!  Having baby like the Egan’s just have (I guess), getting a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Science.  A little further down the list is logging into your computer using a picture!  This does mean that you will have to keep your screen…