Security on the Web: HoneyMonkey Exploit Detection

HoneyMonkeys is a way to detect security exploits.  The referenced article is aging, having been written in 2010, but it gives a solid overall view of how to find Web Threats.  Certainly this article should not be viewed as the latest technology, but if you are looking for a paper subject and need a bunch…


3 Questions for Azure (or other cloud) deployment

I work with academics and they are always asking questions, here are three questions generally about the cloud (these are from: Questions you want to ask: What impact will the management of information stored in the cloud have on existing information management policies and procedure? Can cloud providers assure that their information security systems…


Free samples that help you get started with Azure

[This blog should be viewed from] If you want to be a Software Architect then Azure is the one thing you should get up to speed on.  Many decision makers are looking for people who can talk Azure. Click on the picture to start understanding Windows Azure. Free Samples Training Kits Node.js An excellent…


Quant? Quant? Are you a Quant looking for the next big idea? Think Shapes and Motifs in the cloud

Rocket Scientist, Quant, candlestick maker, have you thought about Shapes and Motifs as the next big idea?  Could be, mainly how do you discern patterns in really large datasets?  Take a look at: for an interesting take on some thinking on how to deal with extremely large datasets.  No algorithms though, which definitely sucks. …


Quant? Quant? Kalman Filter and Baynesian for Finance all in one blog post?

What is a Quant?  A Quant or sometimes Rocket Scientists is an information specialist who is able to use formulas from the space program, or deep math to create forecasting systems for Hedge Funds.  An example might be the use of Kalman filters or Dynamic Bayesian Networks or Bayesian Belief Networks (yes that is real,…


SKYDRIVE designed to use HTML5! Get rid of that thumbdrive

The SkyDrive interface takes advantage of HTML5 browser support to speed up the processing of  pages and files for you! Big time savings by you when you utilize the service for multimedia applications such as photos, audio, and video. Along with the use of HTML 5, the latest version of Windows Phone 7 will allow…


LightSwitch: why get started using LightSwitch?

  Getting Started With LightSwitch, using your data has never been easier.  Yeah right.  Working with data and analyzing it outside of Excel is hard, who are the people that make tools like this kidding?  But let’s say that the company you work for has just hired a young MBA, or you are that young…


Free, get ready for that interview: WPF with Data

Get ready for that interview or opportunity! Check out the videos at: These videos are better than 10 Law and Orders!  Really, and there are the foxy Associate District Attorneys in the WPF videos.  Really?  No, no foxy ADAs like in Law and Order, so maybe they aren’t as good as watching 10 Law…


PowerPivot: What is it? Architecture? 这是什么?体系结构,以支持它是什么样子?

PowerPivot is a cool tool, and if you are an intern or IT Administrator, you may be hearing a little about it.  What is PowerPivot for Excel (see: PowerPivot for Excel supports self-service business intelligence in the following ways. Current row-and-column limitations in Excel are removed so that you can import much more data….