First Prize in Imagine Cup: $50,000

Get signed up at NOW.  And it’s THREE, that’s right 3 $50,000 first prizes for Game, Innovation and the World Citizenship.  You don’t get to read the rules till you register, but if you are a real software person, you know how to sign up for things before you sign up if you get…


Windows 8 Game Design Syllabus: Any comments appreciated

    Instructor: Term: Office: Class Meeting Days: Phone: Class Meeting Hours: E-Mail: Class Location: Website:   Office Hours:   I.1. Course Information University Course Catalog Description At successful completion of this course the student will design, implement and market a game in the Windows 8 store using tools that can also be utilized with…


Connecting Power Point to Team Foundation Server using your buddy game

This is a two step process currently, you have to define the work item in Team Foundation Server and then go back to PowerPoint to connect the workitems. I am using VS 12 RC Premium, it should work in VS 2010 Professional or Ultimate, but not Express, and you need to have either Team Foundation…


Game Design: Architectural Tools

In the current environment of game design you can get away with flash and dash game design, that is rapidly put together your game post it and make your money then move on to another project.  Many technologies go this way from time to time and then they move back to design, design, build, maintain…


Free SDK from Microsoft: Get the Latest DirectX SDK

If you want to learn how to program graphics, prepare for work in the game industry, or just learn something new, download the latest directX SDK! If you are programming using VS 2005, make sure to keep older versions, this version does not support VS 2005.