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I.1. Course Information

University Course Catalog Description

At successful completion of this course the student will design, implement and market a game in the Windows 8 store using tools that can also be utilized with other online stores. The student is not expected to have any knowledge about programming, but will need to have a motivation to learn programming languages. Out of class work by the students, if requested extra tutoring will be provided via internet or other distance learning tools.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this class the students will have created the beginning of a lifelong portfolio of digital games and design concepts. The student portfolio will include the experience of successfully submitting a Windows 8 Application for their application, the student will also receive positive motivation to also submit their application into the other online stores. For specific computer science skills the student will demonstrate the capability to create design specifications, discover and use online assets and to implement their design for use by others.

Course Prerequisites/Requirements

There are no Prerequisites for this class

Required Texts and Materials

All learning material will provided by professor at no cost to the student, they are posted in the Blackboard modules

Supplementary (Optional) Texts and Materials

Students should own a computer that can run Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 (Most computers)

I.2. Course Assignments and Grading

The successful student will provide a design portfolio, marketing evidence and programming implementation of their design


Percent of Final Grade




Design Portfolio





Virtual Marketing





Game Implementation





Class Quizzes










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I.3. Course Policies: Technology and Media


You can email the instructor with questions and I will usually answer within 1 business day (which means that an email on Friday may not be answered till Tuesday).

Online training

There will requirements for the student to utilize the online videos and hands on training as required by the instructor

Laptop Usage

If you need a new Laptop, please buy one, make sure it can run Windows 7, you get Windows 8.

Classroom Devices

Since this is a technology oriented class, please feel free to use them, just don’t be annoying.

I.4. Course Schedule

Class #

Finish this before Class

Topic to be discussed


· No Homework

  • What is expected
  • Build your first Windows 8 Application
  • Build your first game using a tutorial
  • The Metro Design Solution



Start your Portfolio:

· Start your design portfolio

Build a game:

· Create a Powerpoint based Storyboard for your game

· Build a simple game using a Construct2 tutorial and post it to a hosting site

· Beginner's guide to Construct 2


· Modify the game using art, sounds you discovered online

Create online presence

· Create a Blog

· Generate a “professional” Facebook

· Generate a LinkedIn

· Create a YouTube Station


· Take Quiz that will be posted at 7 PM of date of class

Design Processes, you are required to meet with your assigned teams and discuss the following:

· Review what you should put in a blog with respect to game design

· What is a design portfolio?

· What are the available tools to make a video

· Review simple games


· User Experience Design Fundamentals


Before class make sure to read:

o The Metro Design Solution

o User Experience Design Fundamentals

o Applying User Experience Process to Metro Applications

Turn in:

  • Links to your :

o Blog, YouTube Station, Professional Facebook and LinkedIn

o Game on Arcade

At the end of class session turn in:

· Turn in your Facebook baseline report

· Turn in your baseline Blog analytics

· Quiz

Discuss Design Principles in first three reading modules

Game Design for Slats:

· Snap

· Fill

· Full

Adding another level to your game:

Review of Treasure Map example


· Read:
Introduction To Metro Design Principle: Do More with Less

Turn In

  • Add a level to your the beginner game
  • Create a Platformer game using the tutorial at:
  • Design thoughts on your blog, Link only, about how you will use a platformer for a Holiday theme game
  • Video on how to you created the beginning game
  • Facebook postings

In Class:

· Turn in Documentation

· Quiz

Discussion about doing more with less, demonstration of design and implementation

Student demos of design considerations

In class lab:

· Students will gather design documentation from other students and then begin to break down the scenario implementation

· Introduction of HTML5/JavaScript code for Windows 8



  • Organizing Features To Fit The Scenario

Turn In:

  • Using the Platformer you created using the tutorial at, modify the game to a Holiday theme and upload it to the Arcade, turn in the link
  • Post your design thoughts on your design issues and implementation
  • Video on why people should play your game
  • Facebook postings

In Class:

  • At the end of class turn in scenario experiments
  • Quiz

· Discuss and experiment with scenarios

· Students will demonstrate and discuss their “platformer” games

· Feedback on games



  • Introduction to Metro Design Principle: Pride in Craftsmanship
  • Selected Online Article

Turn In:

  • Add a level to your Holiday Themed game
  • Develop a marketing plan for your game
  • Post upgrade to the Scirra.Com arcade
  • Demonstrate how you will implement this game in Windows 8 using drawings, scenarios etc.

In Class:

  • Check-in Modified lab component to Team Foundation Services
  • Quiz

· Discuss Metro Design Principle and Pride in Craftsmanship

· Discuss Game design using HTML5/JavaScript Hello World App

· Quality software and how to create quality software

· Team Foundation Services

In Class Lab:

· Check-out lab component, modify and check-in modified component



  • Being Fast and Fluid, and Authentically Digital
  • Selected Online Article

Turn In:

· Modifications to assigned HTML5/JavaScript code

· Addition of Scoring and simulated Leaderboard to your Holiday Themed game

· Marketing plan for your Holiday Game

· YouTube Video about your game

In Class:

  • Quiz

· Discuss what it means to be Authentically Digital

· Examine MS Project report of status of the HTML5/JavaScript Hello World App

· Discuss Agile Design

· Selected Students Demo their Holiday game

· Review of selected YouTube Videos



  • Winning as One: Using and Charms Contracts
  • Selected Online Article

Turn In:

  • Report on Blog Traffic and YouTube Video

In Class:

· Quiz

· Discuss what a contract is and how to implement in it your code

· Selected students will demo their Holiday game

· Discuss “Promise” and “Then”

· Discuss Scurm approach to design



  • Introduction to Live Tiles and Notifications
  • Selected Digital library article

Turn In:

· Update your “Hello World” Game to incorporate the Search Charm

· Update your “Hello World” Project to Incorporate Settings Charm

· Expand use of “Promise” and “Then”

In Class:

  • Code Profiling Lab Outcome
  • Quiz

· Discuss Live Tiles and Notifications

· Selected students will demo their “Hello World” Use of Charms and how they implemented their code

· Code Profiling

· UML and Game Design



  • Designing for Multiple Screens and Resolutions
  • Selected Online Article

Turn In:

  • Update to Holiday Themed Project to include Live Tiles and Notification
  • Update to “Hello World” Project to demo use of dynamic CSS

In Class:

  • Quiz

· Discuss Snap, Fill and Full Screens in Windows 8

· Selected Students demonstrates Promise and Then

· Designing for the Windows 8 Phone

· Selected Students demonstrate their Holiday Themed Projects



  • App Submission Process

Turn In:

  • Addition of Windows 8 Snap and Fill solution for your Holiday Game
  • Addition of Dynamic CSS to “Hello World” project to handle Snap, Fill and Full

In Class:

  • Results from the WACK test
  • Quiz

· Discuss the Submission Process

· Students run WACK test on their Projects

· Students are assisted in determining how to fix their WACK test failures



· Online articles about WinRT, to be determined

Turn In:

  • Design Portfolio for online evaluation by other students
  • Submit game to Windows Store evaluation
  • Begin Design process for a game based on seasons

In Class:

  • Submit Hello World consuming the WinRT Project
  • Quiz

· Review of design process

· WinRT and what it is

· Selected Students will demonstrate their submitting games

In Class Lab:

· Students will consume an existing C# based WinRT project in their Hello World Project



· Introduction to C++ WinRT

Turn In:

  • Design Portfolio improvements from Online Evaluations
  • Implement Seasonal Game Design

In Class:

  • Submit WinRT Lab component
  • Quiz

· Demonstration of how to create and write a C++ WinRT module

· Students will explore and implement a simple WinRT Module and then consume it in their “Hello World” program



· Leaderboards Online material

Turn In:

  • Addition of WinRT to your Seasonal Game

In Class:

  • Quiz

· Discussion of Leaderboards and how to implement them using existing tools

· Selected students will demonstrate their games

· Class Evaluations



· No reading assignment

Turn In:

  • Blog Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Design Portfolio (online material only)
  • Holiday Game
  • Seasonal Game

· All students will play the other student’s games and give feedback

* Note: The Schedule is subject to revision

I.5. Academic Integrity:

<<Boilerplate from Your School>>

I.6. Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

<<Boilerplate from Your School>>

I.7. Course Policies: Attendance and Plagiarism

University Attendance Policy and Class Expectations

<<Boilerplate from Your School>>

University Academic Conduct Policy

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I.8. Resources

University Library

You will be given assignments that require the use of the digital library, if you don’t know how to use it, then walk over to the library and find out.

Disability Resource Services

<<Boiler Plate from Your School>>

Schedule Changes

<<Boilerplate from your School>>

Late Work

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Grades of "Incomplete"

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