Changes in Visual Studio 2012: Deployment or installer has significantly changed

If you are NOT building Windows 8 apps, you may want to deploy your app to Windows 7, etc.  Well things have changed.

You use the InstallShield and need to sign up when you create the deployment application. 

For more information see:

You should do Windows 8 apps so to prepare your app use 30 days to launch



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  1. kishhr says:

    Microsoft deployment stategy have changed over years, with WPF Apps, the deployment can be different, the install shield have they released any latest version, more detail on it here pl.

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    Will do, but it appears that you are ask to move your deployment outside of Windows 8 to install shield.

    The focus going forward for the devs inside of Microsoft is Windows 8.  The Install Shield seems like a good deal, and MSBuild is stlll there.

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