FREE VIP Windows8 Developer Event – 4/23/2012 – Club Nokia @ LA Live… or you can attend the event online if you can’t make it!

Attend in person If you want to attend this event use this link: FREE VIP Windows8 Developer Event – 4/23/2012 – Club Nokia @ LA Live… And register from Scott’s blog. Attend online using Live Stream Use this link (available also from Scott’s blog) Here you will also be able to follow the lives…


Sensor architecture: A call for a common API

Smartphones can have around 18 or so sensors.  Using Bluetooth you could other sensors.  Maybe like the movie “Dark Knight” Batman used cellphones as sonor devices to detect the surrounding environment.  Kind of scary.  How did he do that? In today’s world, tying cellphones together in a large sensor net would be difficult if not…


Cross web browser development

Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript (or Javascript?) jQuery and the open sourced ASP.NET MVC3.  One of the ways to get started is to go over the very through Project Silk web based training at: Treat as you would a paper book, this series of web articles covers the design, security and maintenance of a well…


Built in antivirus on Windows 8

If you don’t have an antivirus on your Windows 8 machine, then the free security essentials will be your default antivirus. Steven Sinofsky talks about this on his blog at: Sort of old news, but one that I think is important with the latest virus attacking Apple users, the “Flashback” virus. 


Pretty as a Picture Password, is it secure, really? How do you know? How can anyone know?

There are few things in life that are just freaking awesome!  Having baby like the Egan’s just have (I guess), getting a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Science.  A little further down the list is logging into your computer using a picture!  This does mean that you will have to keep your screen…