5 top links: Security in Windows 8

Wow, Security in Windows 8 is going to move the needle.  Here are 5 of the links I

  1. Protecting you from malware
  2. Protecting your digital identity
  3. Signing in with a picture password
  4. Optimizing picture password security (Keep your screen clean if you use this one!)
  5. http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsdesktop/Security-Sample-42013a3b

Nice.  Looks like a lot of work for all of us, and a more secure future!

Ok, I didn’t write much on this one, but seriously, the number of people reading this blog will fall, so excluding my mother, there might one or two other people.

I would love to write more about security, but no one reads it.


Comments (4)

  1. Stephen Wells says:

    I read it.

    The last link doesn't work.

    A bit more of what you thought about it all would be good as I have read the other blog posts already.

  2. Erno says:

    I read it also, so you're you're up to at least 3 people who read it.

    @SA_Wells, this seems to be the correct link: code.msdn.microsoft.com/…/Security-Sample-42013a3b

  3. Ah.. . thanks for the link correction, Erno.

    And ditto here – I read it… we just don't comment enough I guess. 🙂

  4. Surf4Fun says:

    Thanks for the feedback!  You are all awesome and yes I should have commented more.  I have been jammed mentally getting my head around the sudden influx of DirectX 11 and Metro.  Also XAML and C++, C++ with a decent User Interface?  Wow, talk about complicated.

    So I failed you dear readers.  🙁

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