5 Links for Securing Silverlight

When my page views are extremely positive, it is time to discuss security, why? Because security is always a way to drive the numbers down.  Let’s face it, no one wants to face the world of security or the discipline.  Tell a potential “partner” that you do software security and it is likely that you will find them later dancing with that person who does YouTube Videos for one’s of dollars.  That’s ok, your high salary is a secret with me.

Securing Windows Phone 7 Silverlight and web pages:

Recommend that you zoom over and read that article if you are doing Web Development for Windows Phone 7 (or for other platforms).

Paying for Self-Signed Certificates:

If you want to design apps for cash (and why wouldn’t you?) and are going to use web services, etc. you will need to provide self serve certificates, which companies like GoDaddy provide, for a price, but not too much.  You should consider getting one for your tests.

Links to security in Silverlight:

  1. Security in Silverlight
  2. Securing Your Silverlight Applications
  3. Silverlight Application Security Model
  4. Cryptographic Signatures in Silverlight
  5. Ensuring Data Integrity with Hash Codes



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