LightSwitch: Infopath, Browsers and Scalability

One of my friends, who doesn’t normally read this blog, as the following questions of a thread that I was included on:

“I am working with a XXXX team at XXXXXX Corporation and found myself in a call with their IT management. “

They have had some real problems using InfoPath with Sharepoint, and are wondering if Lightswitch might not be a better route.  “

Do any of you know how we might get these questions answered?

  • Can LightSwitch be a good replacement for InfoPath
    • LightSwitch is not the same as InfoPath, but at any distance they appear to be very similar:
  • InfoPath: Has a “form designer” that allows the designer to line things up, and fiddle around with the screen
  • What is a key difference between LightSwitch and InfoPath?
    • LightSwitch is a Tier 2 and Tier 3 application and can be used with Clients like Excel directly (Tier 2), IIS or Azure (Tier 3), or Browser (again Tier 3). (See video above)
    • Infopath is designed to be used as a Windows Client and can be used with Browsers
    • My Answers (as always verify anything I say)
  •          How well can LightSwitch intergrate with SharePoint?
  •          What are the pros and cons with using Lightswitch with SharePoint?
    • A Bing search didn’t turn up anything definitive and since I have only used LightSwitch with databases, I got nothing for this question
  •          Is LightSwitch scalable?
    • Yes, LightSwitch is a Tier 3 application and is scalable
  •          Can LightSwitch be used with other browsers like FireFox and Chrome?
    • No definitive answer, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with FireFox or Chrome, but that isn’t the answer you want to see.

The person to ask wasn’t anyone on the thread, but rather a frequent and excellent blogger:

Beth Massi:


I like LightSwitch better than InfoPath, which for some reason I have never really liked, but not for any good reason.  LightSwitch seems to turn on my programmer brain and InfoPath doesn’t.

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