Free SDK, Free Hosting (sort of): Bing Map SDK and hosting by Bing.COM

Is there a bigger secret than the Bing Map SDK?  Even when you talk to people inside of Microsoft they don’t know about it.  So let’s just keep this between you and me, apparently the marketers inside of Microsoft don’t really want anyone to use this SDK.  Of course there is the Bing Map Silverlight Control SDK and the Bing Services SDK just keep you completely confused.

However, I have discussed the use of the Bing map SDK somewhere in this blog, do a quick search!  And this SDK requires that you go through the Microsoft Connect, which doesn’t look like the normal approach for the download, but it is.  You will need to get a developer SDK ID so you can test your map.

This is a really cool way to make some money and to prepare for the Nokia revolution at Microsoft!

You will need to click the registration hyperlink, “Get Started: register to download the Bing Map App SDK!”


And remember, don’t tell the Microsoft Marketers, they really want to keep this secret.

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