LightSwitch: Database building for everyone, except for admins, team explorer

If you are an Admin, you are going to need to understand LightSwitch.  End users are going to wanting to use this in their simpler apps, what does that mean to you?

Microsoft is launching the Visual Studio LightSwitch. It’s a simpler way to create High Quality Business Apps.

As an admin working with power users, you know that when the words “simpler” and “high quality” plus a hint of “cloud” this means that you will be supporting future managers and users in upgrades, improvements and the simple: “I don’t understand what the last manager was doing here” scenario.

What is the solution?  In this case Team Foundation Server becomes an important component (or version control).  When the end users install LightSwitch, make sure that the Team Explorer is also loaded, this will help with the maintenance problems.

You can find out more about Team Explorer:

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