Views of the Automation Trees, seriously, where are the examples?


You just can’t tell the automation forest for the trees.  (If you are translating this, that was a joke, sort of.)  Ok, I like to farm the MSDN for article ideas, and thought that UI Automation would be a quick way to get several blogs out of the way.  I would be wrong, apparently the authors of these important concepts of quality thought that no one would need to see working examples tied to their articles.  So maybe the forest is getting in the way of seeing the trees.

Let’s clear this up: UI Automation is the “accessibility” technology for testing not for people who have different capabilities than the group in the so called Gaussian normal.

Best article on UI Automation (and if you don’t want to read about my complaints about the TOTAL lack of examples in volumes of “discussion”, you don’t have to come back):

You can skip the wordy article that has a title that indicates that there might be samples, after all, in many articles that use the clause: “Using UI Automation…” you might think that there would be an example of how to use UI Automation for Automate Testing.  You would be wrong.

To be very clear: 

The Microsoft support of testing is excellent, the ability to learn how to do test with these tools is apparently not supported. 

Not much hope that I will make it coherent.  But here are some of my exploration for the moment, before I wander after some other bright and shiny object.

Some other articles:

  • UI Automation Overview, why was this article written? 
    • Is this article about test or accessibility?  Either way, I can’t make heads nor tails out of it, until I read it twice, this is assistive technology to do test.  In many countries the term assistive also refers to accessibility support. 
    • Why there couldn’t have been a clear terminology that this is for testing of UI on many platforms is a mystery.
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