Free, get ready for that interview: WPF with Data

Get ready for that interview or opportunity!

Check out the videos at:

These videos are better than 10 Law and Orders!  Really, and there are the foxy Associate District Attorneys in the WPF videos.  Really?  No, no foxy ADAs like in Law and Order, so maybe they aren’t as good as watching 10 Law and Orders.  Unless you got an opportunity to use WPF with Data, then they are definitely a better use of time than 10 Law and Order Episode.

And of course, a video on Azure, which is after all is a way to use the biggest database of all cloud:






Azure 30 Day  pitch:

First, before you do anything else, get that Azure account!  Click on that banner link and use the code to get the Free 30 Day Azure account (this is a limited time offer, so if you are reading this blog in the year 2525, it might not be in the banner).  Make sure to use the code: WRAC11.  What does Thor have to do with the Azure offer?  Nothing, but you could click on the image and see!

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