Microsoft software development tool released for direct use on Linux and Mac (Apple)

Well, the software development tool that was released is F#, and it was released a few years ago, so I guess it isn’t a news item.  But there is the resources if you are one of those developers who only develop cross platform.  Hey it’s a business model.

To get the source code:

To get more information about the Open source F# see this page:

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  1. Dacey says:

    Hey That's really great.Now Microsoft tools can be used in mac and Linux also.Thanks for the resource links.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Dacey, thank you for your comment.  Also, did you know that Office Live (through your free live, bing or hotmail account) works on Linux and Apple?  You get the online versions of Office Live, which is totally sweet.

    keep the comments coming.

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