Metrics and Reliability Assessment 7/10

Metrics and Reliability Assessment

Measuring the process of building, installation and implementation of the system under design is required so that costs and time estimates can be tracked. As a software and hardware system is being implemented, project managers have to make many decisions. Costs have to be estimated and the time remaining to project completion. Business requirements may change as the hardware and software product is being produced, and the new requirements have to be added to the project.

Project metrics

Project metrics are tools that can track and forecast not only costs but they can also be used to identify problem areas, these webcasts and hands on labs are useful for the project manager and software engineer to get a better idea of how to use a tool to design tracking and use tracking of a project state of cost as well as time to completion.


Determining the reliability of a system is best done using a simulation, and the tools used to develop the software as well as hardware should have the ability to be run as a simulation. With respect to simulations, a simulation can never be exactly 100% correct, some of the available tools simulation models are able to automatically pick up the server settings. The software engineer goal should be that they are the driver of quality, reliability and security. The software engineering having these goals are similar to a civil engineer being the driver for quality, reliability and safety.

[i] Webcast on project management:

[ii] Metrics, project completion:

[iii] System reports:

[iv]Using Metrics to trouble shoot your project:



[vii] Deployment and logical data center:

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