It’s Official!

The SMS 2003 Capacity Planner Tool and Guide has gone live!

Its available from the Microsoft Download center as well as via the following link from the SMS 2003 Deployment website.

This has been many weeks and months in the making from both Muki and myself.

A big thank you to the MCS/PSS personnel, the Myitforum Advisory Council, Microsoft TAP customers and SMS MVPs who tested various alpha/beta versions (plus anyone else i failed to mention, like my fellow employees on the SMS product team!).

Since this is version 1, I expect to develop and update the tool on a periodic basis or as the SMS product itself changes.

The primary method of posing questions etc regarding the tool or it's output will be the Microsoft Communities SMS Tools newsgroup. However for comments and feedback on future versions/features please feel free to post comments to this blog.

Thanks, Craig.

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  1. Nice spreadsheet. Can you factor in Legacy Client traffic though? Obviously this version is all based around Adv Client..



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