New SMS 2003 Training courses available.

Managing Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003

This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). Students will learn how to configure SMS components and how to manage the ongoing operations of an SMS infrastructure.


This is a beta version of the book but is available now. While currently still in beta, some training centers already have these on their schedule (on the right there’s a search you can run based on location).


Planning and Deploying Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003

This three-day instructor-led intensive course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for SMS specialists to plan and deploy Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 into large enterprise environments.


2597A (also a beta version of the course) should be available to order really soon, I think this week.


The B versions (final versions of the book) will be available in July. Those versions will incorporate feedback from the beta teaches of the courses.

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  1. Cathy Moya (MSFT) says:

    BTW, most people should take the five day course before trying the three day course. If you don’t know *a lot* about SMS 2003 you would probably be totally lost if you took the 3 day course first. No, there’s no upgrade course from SMS 2.0 to SMS 2003. Some training centers may run combined 2596 and 2597 courses in a week for people experienced with SMS 2.0, but that will be a very very very full week. If you’re totaly new to SMS, you probably need all eight days of training.

    Cathy Moya, MCSE: Security, MCT

    Technical Writer, Enterprise Management Content Group

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  2. BTW: Benchmark / New Horizons in Minneapolis has developed an SMS 2.0 to 2003 3-day upgrade course. Yes, this Jumpstart is jam packed and is intented for experience 2.0 administrators. The next class is July 12th. See this link:

    -Peter 952-896-6829

  3. Ed Aldrich <MVP/SMS> says:

    Cathy – to your comment re: "take the 5-day first"….

    If one is already a seasoned SMS2.0 Admin, do you still feel this 5-day is a prereq for the 3-day? I would *think* that most "good" SMS20 Admins should be able to get enough out of the 3-day w/o needing to convince mgmt they need *both* a 5-day AND a 3-day?? I can see where this could become a tough sell…

    I can hear the manager now saying "What??? Are you tellimg me that you don’t know your current job well enough that I need to train you for a full 5 days before you can finally figure out how to implement an upgrade to the current installation??"

  4. Cathy Moya (MSFT) says:


    If you don’t take the 5 day first, you have a strong need and obligation to do *a lot* of self study before you show up at the 3 day class. There are hours of content that are new to SMS 2003 – Advanced Client, management points, new discovery methods, new client installation methods, new reporting infrastructure, new software metering implementation. If you put in the time to watch Wally’s webcasts, you can get the equivalent knowledge. You can work with the product in the lab to get a good understanding of the issues. But if you show up cold to the 3 day course thinking you’ll breeze through on your 2.0 knowledge, you’ll only be halfway there. If we could have done an upgrade path, like Exchange had, we would have loved that. But that wasn’t an option for us. 🙁

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